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Tegriti Proacti Energy is an independent oil and gas/ construction service company which was formed and wholly-owned by Nigerians.


TEGRITI has formed strong partnerships with leading design firms in the industry around the world. Together, we provide full, integrated design-build services for operations. Our design-build teams offer our clients a guaranteed track record of success.


By ensuring we only use the finest materials, a highly capable labour force and strict supervision policies, TEGRITI has become a company renowned for the quality of our construction projects. We strive to produce results that far exceed the current industry standards in terms of durability and cost efficiency. Simply put, a project with a TEGRITI stamp is BUILT STRONGER and it will LAST LONGER.


Our team of in-house engineers pool from over a hundred years of combined experience to develop concepts into buildable realities. At TEGRITI, there is also a drive to stay one step ahead of our competitors by using state of the art technologies and the most up to date construction methods with relevant advances

Operation & Maintenance

TEGRITI has built a culture of integrity and quality control that translates into all aspects of our business. We are able to offer peace of mind to our clients when we take on the daily functions of their project. We make it our own and ensure that all expectations are surpassed.