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Tegriti Proacti Energy is an independent oil and gas/ construction service company which was formed and wholly-owned by Nigerians.

TEGRITI undertake servicing and certification of a wide range of control, pressure relief and safety valves, and also calibrate and repair a wide range of equipment. Instruments covered include oscilloscopes, digital multi-meters and other electrical/electronic test instruments, pressure gauges, and mechanical items such as crimp tools, micrometers and torque wrenches for the offshore/onshore production facilities, refineries, power industries, manufacturing and process industries.

The extensive range of post impregnation services we offer has been progressively expanded and we continue to grow our facilities to allow the introduction of new pressure tests to identify leaks after impregnation. Pressure testing can be undertaken prior to impregnation to identify leaks and also after impregnation to confirm successful sealing
Our services are also available on-site using our mobile test/calibration workshops, which can be mobilized to client’s facility. Also all standards are traceability to national standards.

Our engineers and technicians are experienced and trained on all types of equipment as stated that requires pressure testing/calibration services.